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Release the balloons. I clap my hands. I sing with joy. Peace is descending over me. I accept the challenges that face me. I can’t stand still. Energy is infusing into my body. I am commander of my own ship. The ship is me. I can be in unchartered waters but I have the confidence that I can find my way home. Home is where my heart resides. My heart pumps out love, acceptance and joy. I always knew home was a special word but I didn’t realize the importance of it. Home doesn’t mean being situated on a particular street, county, states or country. It is where my heart is.

I determine what flows through. I determine to have acceptance, joy, love, happiness and forgiveness. Forgiveness of myself. Forgiveness of others who have hurt me. Maybe they didn’t mean to. Love is abundant. Picking my reactions is like going to a store and buying what I want. If I want to live a life without fear and negativity then I can choose that. Sometimes it is difficult to do but it can be done.

What happens when I buy a bag of apples and find one that is not fit to eat? I throw it away. That’s what I need to do with my emotions. Throw out the tainted ones. Recognize the damage they do. I don’t want tainted food in my body. I don’t want tainted emotions in my heart.

Lead with your heart.

  1. Be aware when anger enters
  2. Feel the emotion
  3. Process it by trying to find the cause
  4. Has the person invaded my space?
  5. Did I perceive the words as a slam against me?
  6. What is the hurt and why am I affected?
  7. Try to figure out why I was affected

Diffuse the anger by┬árealizing how it is affecting your body and mind. Recognize that you can’t control another person’s reactions but you can yours. You can lift the burden of reaction. A life free of anger resentment, jealousy and hatred is available. All one has to do is take the first step. How do I feel and why do I react the way I do?

Freedom to live one’s own life starts there. The sun shines on all of us. It doesn’t pick just a few and say, “This is for you.” Let the sun shine on you all of the time.

My journey has enabled me to come to these conclusions, all of which are related in my book.

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