Missing my Son, Forrest

November 26, 2016 | Uncategorized

I’ve opened an old wound which caused me to see how much I miss Forrest. His different ages flash before my eyes. I try to grab them but they dart away. I want to go back and have a conversation with him but I can’t. I want to recall old conversations but that’s hard. If only I could put my hand though the veil and grab onto him, I would never let go.  I would be in bliss.

My heart longs for him. The minutes tick away quickly, the image fades and I am back to reality. Those trips are fleeting but they nourish my soul. I must remember he resides in my heart. Because of my journey, I am more aware of everything. My tears are bigger. My longing is deeper. My sorrow is rawer.

These are terrible moments but strangely enough I feel closer to him. I’ll take the feelings of anguish, because of them, I touch Forrest. I feel his closeness and for that I am grateful.

My book, “Never Saying Goodbye,A Life Changing Road to Acceptance and Joy After The Loss of a Loved One, tells the story of my journey after Forrest left this planet. I wrote it to help  anyone who is going through the loss of a loved one. It is possible to find joy again. I have concrete suggestions on how to get out of the maze of grief and live life with acceptance.

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