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“I’m free,” cried the little girl as she dove off the diving board into the clear blue water.  Her head thrust through the top layer of the tepid inviting lake. Her lithe body headed towards the bottom. The water was swirling all around her.  She felt like a porpoise as her head emerged out of the water. The bright sun touched her face, it seemed to say,  “Welcome back.” It was a secure feeling to be out of the water and able to breathe.

She realized  she took for granted the ability to breathe. Breathe in – breathe out. How many breaths had she taken in her life? Who could count them? An endless amount, for sure.  For the first time she realized how breathing in the air on the planet kept her alive. Gratefulness swept over her. She was momentarily overwhelmed. “Thank you, Mother Earth.” Also, I have taken for granted  that my heart beats and pumps the blood through my veins.

Life took on a  new dimension. Gratitude entered her. She realized for the first time how fortunate she is and has been. The privilege of living took on a whole new meaning. If we all realized what a privilege every day is, maybe we would change our priorities and experience true freedom.

1. Help people

2. Beat out love from your heart

3. Accept people who think differently that you do.

4. Smile, love and be kind.

5. Accept the free air that we breathe.

You can thrust through the water and live with fresh awareness. Life takes on a different beat. The universe is in harmony.

Take  time to: Take a deep breath through your nose down to the bottom of your stomach. Exhale the breathe out slowly though your nose. Do that  3 times.

Peace enters.  The mind and the body calms.


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