About Mary Jean

I am an author, business woman, former runway and print model and  appeared in Vogue Magazine. I am a former President and board member of “Mental Illness Research Association” (MIRA), I am a director on the board of the John E. Upledger Foundation, an international healthcare center recognized worldwide for it’s comprehensive education programs and advanced treatment options. I was President of the Juno Beach Chapter of the Florida Shore and Beach Association and a key player in the restoration of Juno’s first beach renourishment in the early 1990’s. I have been active in numerous charities and have served as chairperson for many charitable events.

I have been a longtime activist. I started and ran a successful campaign “Real Americans Buy American Cars” (RABAC) in the late 70’s. I started the grass roots movement because the American auto industry was in a server slump. Gradually the unions adopted the project, which  developed into their “Buy American” campaign. I am now an activist for taking away the stigma of all brain disease such bipolar, depression addictions and schizophrenia.

My past hobbies include being an avid gardener, gourmet cook and investor but my primary interest is my family. My husband, Dr. Gerard Teachman, and I reside in Juno Beach Florida and Asheville, North Carolina with our cat, Jackson.

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