Change Is A Part of Life

January 17, 2018 | Uncategorized

I have found out that everything changes. Change is a part of life.  My body can feel different every day. Some days I have more energy. Some days less. Some days I can accomplish more than others. I have also found some changes are permanent. An obvious one is that my son will never come back here during my lifetime. I can’t do anything about that change. Some I can. I can fill my life with compassion for others. I can genuinely have more love and compassion, acceptance, be nonjudgmental and give up worry.

If there is a problem or potential problem, I have to have an intent of what to do to solve it. I put into action all that I can do and then I give it up and trust. Trust in the universe that the outcome will be what is best. I accept. I remember going through outcomes I didn’t understand. Years later, I saw the reason for them. I didn’t like the outcome of Forrest leaving but I understand how it changed my life in a different direction. That was a life defining moment. I had no idea what would take place after he left.

The changes have been positive. I put on sturdy shoes to begin with because the terrain was so rugged. I kept getting into a different type of shoe as I went along., mostly sturdy ones. I don’t need them s anymore. The calmness and sturidiness is inside of me. I have the confidence I can weather any storm I might not like being in it but I know I will survive it. All of that came because of one life defining moment.

I found out that change is inevitable. The important thing for me is to make that change positive. I have survived. I am grateful.

Now, if only the stigma of having a brain disease will leave. I believe, in due time, that will happen also.

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