March 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

I’m sitting in the plane with my husband, Gerry, flying from Los Angeles to Ft. Lauderdale. the trip is long and I’m tired. My patience is being challenged. Time go to my inner self and give it a talking to. The visit with my brother, Tom (it was his 87th birthday) and sister-in-law, Jan was perfect.

There was a recognition that we don’t have a lot of birthdays left to celebrate. The road of life offers different opportunities at this time. Grab each one as they appear. What is important? What brings joy? It is different for everyone. My ears listen. My eyes see with clarity what is important. My heart fills with love. What a privilege to be at this junction of the road.

Life offers different insights. Days are valued more. Relationships are deeper. What is inside my being is more important than what is outside.  I think of the wise elders in the Indian Tribes who sat by the fire and took it all in…the new arrivals, the loved ones who are halfway down the road and  those who have accumulated knowledge.

Every day is a banquet. The feast continues. The light of energy imbues me. I am no longer concentrating on my impatience. I recognize again that each moment has value. The road reaches far into the distance. I am privileged to walk on it.

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