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Spring has finally arrived. I was a little girl in 3rd grade. My brother Tom was one grade ahead of me. We loved the beginning of spring and wanted to get into the woods so we quickly ran home after school let out. We changed our clothes and went into the woods for the first time since winter had set in. The trees were pushing out their lime green leaves. The ice had melted on the pond and beautiful delicate violets were looking up at us. The woods provided us with an arbor over our heads and soft ground to walk on.

This was my favorite time of year. We took in the splendor of the woods while scurrying over the fresh growth on the ground. At first, we ran drinking in spring’s aroma. The long dark winter had left. We were again free to experience being outside and not be encumbered by heavy snowsuits and galoshes. There was a lightness to our beings now. The polliwogs were floating in the pond, such cute small creatures. We had taken mason jars with us so we could capture some of the pollywogs and watch them dance in the jar.We always returned them to the pond before we left the woods. The scent of spring was also around us. The violets looked up and were irresistible. They must be picked so their beauty could be seen in a vase at home. I imagined they were happy to have a new home.

Life was so simple then. There wasn’t fear in the air like there is today. People talk about the joys of childhood, that certainly applies to those moments. I can sit quietly and envision being in this woods and immediately my life seems quiet and retrospective.  I am grateful.

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