Suicide and drug abuse are an epidemic today.

December 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

Suicide and drug abuse are an epidemic today. I know that sounds scary but it is the truth,

I know the pain that is involved when a loved one takes his or her life. My son, Forest, left this planet by committing suicide. I didn’t think I would ever recover. The following days were dark, dismal and full of remorse. I couldn’t go on. I thought it was my fault and I could have prevented it. The truth is that I could not have prevented it and it was not my fault. The guilt hung around like a dark cloud. The loss of him was almost too much to bear.

He left because he was in so much pain. That took me a long time to realize. His suicide note explained that he loved all of us and hoped we would understand that he could not stay here. It was hard for me to accept that, but, in my heart, I knew I had to.

I slowly healed by taking a new path. I wanted to help prevent another person, family or friend from going through the loss of a loved one by suicide. My husband and I joined MIRA, Mental Illness Research AssociAtion, and concentrated on finding ways to help people who lost loved ones to suicide and drug abuse. We are also trying to take away the stigma attached to all brain diseases. it is genetic. It is not their fault.

If you know someone is depressed or thinking of suicide PLEASE GET THEM HELP!!! Talk to a doctor or someone you trust if they are feeling depressed, crying a lot, not feeling they are worth anything, no-one loves them or they feel life isn’t worth living. The good news is that you can do something to prevent it.

They can have a brain disease, such as: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, mood disorder, phobias, panic attacks and anxiety disorder. They can all be treated. Get help so none of these diseases leads to suicide. A person can be hurting so much that they feel like they cannot live anymore. THEY CAN LIVE WITH HELP.

Some people use drugs to hide how they’re feeling and they end up addicted. THERE IS HELP FOR THEM ALSO.

Suicide affects many lives. Not only the person who commits it but all of they loved ones. They have been in sadness for so long.


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