October 15, 2017 | Uncategorized

Living presents challenges to all of us. No-one is exempt. We may look at our fellowman and think he awakened in a bed of roses, without thorns. The reality is, we all have issues to resolve everyday. We resolve one issue, another arrives. Life is movement. The gifts of life are very important to consider.

People without thought are statues in museums. Wax copies of famous individuals in the wax museum can’t think, move, laugh, sing or dance because there is not a brain in that head. Our minds constantly spin out ideas, anxieties, love, compassion, hate, jealously, anger, understanding, nervousness and calm.

We can change the flow of thoughts by meditation, exercise, prayer and the food one eats. Some will react with a bang. Some will hardly react. but everyone will react to change. Change is the essence of life.

A positive change will not take place unless we put our brain into a new direction. Walk down a street that vibrates positive thoughts. Don’t go toward danger, We can CHOOSE!

We were given a brain to use. We can take the key of awareness to live life in a direction. Start today.

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