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I will march. I will laugh. I will cry.

Life is a constant parade presenting new pictures and patterns to follow.


One with a family around a fireplace. One with an actress in a broadway play. One with a person riding a motorcycle. One with the moon shining brightly, beaming out golden energy. One with a mother crying at the loss of her child. One with the sun embracing all who are outside And one with people iceskating at Rockfeller Plaza.

Ohhhh! There’s one of soldiers fighting the enemy. One with an animal being abused. One with a person committing a bank robbery.

There’s one with a child on a merry-go-round. One of young lovers walking hand in hand encased in love. And one with a scientist working on an experiment that will cure brain diseases.

Life offers many options. One should pick carefully because they become the picture.

Love encompassing the planet is my favorite. I will cling to that image and live my life accordingly. There is so much friction on this planet. I need love and quiet. My soul has to be nourished. My thoughts have to be of a happy nature. To pick and choose determines my beat and path of my life.

I know that life can be joyful and happy. To me, that is the light of living. Most bulbs are changing to LED. I want the brightest bulb that can shine to light my way. I don’t want my path to be dark. I will keep the light shining in my heart. I want it to beam out and touches others.

It makes sense to me.

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