May 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

My son Forrest wrote something I wanted to share on my website.

Have you ever looked in the mirror?  I mean really looked into the mirror? Have you ever wondered if the reflection that you believe that you see may not, in fact, be an accurate representation of what the reality is as seen by yourself? (As opposed to the reality as seen by others)  What if you looked into the mirror and saw nothing? Would you then assume that you did not exist? Can we not trust even a mirror?

Inanimate objects often seem to persecute me.  The door handle that jumps out and gouges my hip. The bedpost that stubs my toe. Are there beings from another planet controlling my every step and move? Are they planning for me to bump into things?

For if this is the case, I wish to submit a formal complaint,  I think it only fair that my hips and toes have control over their own destinies.

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